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Right!! starting the AoC 20k/bs download! :P
ah nice, na ive never played it, logged back into aoc today seeing how it goes, kwalya still plays and samoth just came back
i been playing gw2 a lot (zedac.9673). Anyone else play it? Would be good to catch up with anyone haunting this site :D
Oi! bloody psylos, what ya been up to
orsa you nooblet
ffs someone with admin authority delete the spam posts!!!!
Who are Neleegbu & Daryesan and why do they violate the shrine of SOG?
Someone get rid of those Neleegbu posts lol
Miss the old SoG crew hope everyone is doing well!

Congrats to SoG for finally killing Keeper!!

Harthorg, Jan 22, 13 1:33 AM.

T3 Raiding to Return!!!

MrHoro, Jan 11, 12 7:28 AM.
SoG T3 will be returning soon - realistically we need to be able to fill 18 spots with guildies filling the rest with non guilded friends will be no issue

T2 Regular returning and new raid forming information.

Harthorg, Nov 15, 11 8:19 PM.
Hey all.

I will be sorting out a regular T2 schedule this week. Will announce when I've sorted it out. 

Also I thought I would say a little about the raids and how I will be forming them.

We will start forming for the raid 15 minutes before start time. 
And at 15 minutes after the raid is meant to start I will start pugging.
I'm happy to save a spot for you if you let me know prior that you will be coming a little late. Please let me know the class you want to bring.
If you do not tell me you will be late and your spot is filled then you will miss out. It is not fair on the people who put the effort into turning up and coming on in time to then be told the raid will not be going ahead because some people haven't come online. 
So please be on and ready 15 minutes before raid times. 

If after so long the raids don't fill then maybe I will call them but will try anyway.


Wing 2 & Wing 3 To Return

MrHoro, Oct 22, 11 9:52 PM.
Well sadly t3 was another bellyflop from lack of interest/commitment - with Rugby world cup coming to an end and key support players more available after it SoG has decided to scrap t3 for now... and get w2/w3 going again as a regular fixture - please read message of the day or ask a SoG officer for raid formation times

SoG T3 Raids to return!

Treras, Oct 2, 11 4:49 PM.
Whilst details are not hammered out, early indications are that Sons of Gallipoli will resume our T3 progression raids on Friday the 14th of October. While the time is not set it is expected to start a smidgen earlier than our normal raids as this will require us to be sharp, focused and playing to our A-game. 

Please chat to Horo or one of the Officers if you are interested so they can sort out groups and things.
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